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Sentimental Poems - Sentimental Poetry
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© Theresa K. Hardy
Sweet precious baby
Child of God
I'm watching you sleeping
And as you drift off to nod...
I see a halo surrounding your face
Borrowed from moon dust
And stars deep in space
For God in his glory - Said "Let there be light"
And created a masterpiece
Of my heart's delight
© Theresa K. Hardy
Poetry By Hardy Copyright Protection


Sisters are a special gift
Much like a precious stone
And God, in all his Glory
Gave to me, my very own
Her sparkle and her brilliance
Cannot begin to be compared
To all the priceless moments
That together we have shared
So I'm asking Lord, for an angel
To protect her as each day starts
Because she is a special sister
And I love her with all my heart
© Theresa K. Hardy
Poetry By Hardy Copyright Protection


Dear Lord, I offer all my thanks
For this miracle inside
I'm going to be a mommy
And my heart is filled with pride
Keep me safe and healthy
As my precious baby grows
May this child sense your presence
As the Holy Spirit flows
Nourish me and guide me
As I'm preparing to give birth
And let your angels surround this child
All the days assigned to earth
©  Theresa K. Hardy
Poetry By Hardy Copyright Protection