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© Theresa K. Hardy

Losing a beloved family member, friend, or pet is always a difficult and emotional time
in oneís life. We canít imagine the sun rising without that  personís  light in the world any longer.
A Poetic Memorial is the perfect memory of you're loved one.

What do we do with all that pain and loneliness? Most of us find a way to memorialize
our loved ones presence on this earth. Whether it be to plant a tree, name a star, develop
a web page, purchase mass cards, etc.

" Order a Poetic Memorial today for your loved one or pet!!"

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All Everlasting Memorials are laminated and come complete with the deceasedís name, nickname, dates, and favorite photograph. 

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Memorial Card, memory card


Memorial Cat Poem, Poetry

Order extra for family and friends.

Email me a photograph you would like on the
Everlasting Memorial Poetry Card. 

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Example of Cat Memorial


An  "Everlasting Memorial" is a special way of acknowledging they have lived and had made your corner of the world a special place.

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Example of Dog Memorial

Memorial Dog Poem

As space permits, your "Everlasting Memorial"  will also be posted on this website as a courtesy.

Memorial Poetry 3Ĺ" x 5" cards. Package of 8.  Price:   $30.00 plus $3.00 shipping 

*Contact me at PoetryByHardy @ for information on
ordering a Custom-Written Memorial, and pricing information!

Pet Memorial

Your time on earth has reached an end
Our home will never be the same
For memories of you greeting me
Will always linger and remain
Your napping spot, your feeding bowl
Your toys are all still scattered
Your life on earth as my best friend
Tells the world how much you mattered
And now my dear beloved pet
One last command I send
Please wait for me in heaven
As my eternal friend

© Theresa K. Hardy
Human Memorial

Seeing an angel always reminds me
That although you aren't here
You're being embraced by angels
So there is not a thing to fear
And someday I shall see you again
With a smile upon your face
Because this is what God has promised
Once I leave this earthly place

© Theresa K. Hardy


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